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Sorry. Not my decision. But if it helps, I plan to enjoy it.


whatever Alpha asks him to do


largely filthy insults

Played By

Chris Motionless






sawed-off shotgun, handguns, tattoos



Basic Information Edit

Zev is... devoted's probably a good word. Alpha comes first. Then his packmates. Then, well, everything else is way down the list under "acceptable targets" really. He's loud and violent and likes everyone to know when he arrives on the scene. He's special and he knows it, after all.

Someone might notice that he's much, much quieter when he has facial tattoos, but very few people see that and see anything else afterwards.


He spent a good four years in the lab before he was released as an upstanding member of society and given a job working for Alpha. His primary mutation is his ink - it moves across his skin, giving different skills based on where and how it lies. Sometimes, too, the ink controls him, sweeping across his face like waves.

His tattoos sometimes get destroyed, either in fights or by other ink. He replaces them with fresh ink as needed - once it heals, it comes to life like the rest. If he goes too long without fresh ink, he starts getting withdrawal-like symptoms - nausea, headaches, and so on. Deciding what designs to get is a balancing act because he wants ink that will be useful in a fight, but not so strong he can't hold it off.

Relationships Edit

He's closest to Elizabeth, another member of Alpha's retinue. And of course there's Alpha, but he doesn't really expect Alpha to notice him back. He's also very trusting of his tattoo artist out of necessity.


He arrived in the City ten years ago, his memory a blank slate and his body a storybook of tattoos. He was a punk and not good with authority, so he ended up in the labs pretty quickly.

He's not sure if the labs made his tattoos more interesting or he just hadn't learned the full extent of what he could do with them before. The lab didn't break him so much as it redirected him.

Alpha offered him a long leash and a purpose. Who could say no to that?


Pending approval from Alpha and Elizabeth's muns.