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"You think that's something? Watch this."




Ghost Girl, "Did you hear that?"

Played By

Zoe Keating (corporeal); Maria Thayer (noncorporeal)






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Basic Information Edit

Wendy could easily be dismissed as yet another spooky story, traded around campfires and whispered about in the marketplace, and plenty of people have done just that. However, if you're lucky - or unlucky - enough to wander through the right set of gates into the right yard, you might get a glimpse of a work of art seemingly being created out of thin air. If you watch the sculpture in progress long enough, and get exactly the right slant of light, you might get a glimpse of what might be a pale, silvery girl with a riot of red curls. Then again, it might just be the flowers in the distance.

It's up to you what you do about it.

You see, Wendy was a sculptor, before she blew herself up. She's still a sculptor, but now her work is a little less hands-on. Mostly because she can't actually touch anything.


Wendy can affect reality, although mostly she does it to pull just the right pieces for her life-sized metal sculptures. It's probably for the best, because otherwise she'd go stark raving mad, as any good artist divided from her art would.

Relationships Edit

There's not much of a chance to have a relationship when most people won't actually admit you're real.

Before her accident, though, she had a girlfriend. She was an artist, too... or a smith... something like that. Wendy's a little vague on the details.


Six months ago, Wendy was creating a giant sculpture that was fast threatening to be bigger than her available space and more complicated than she probably should have considered. She had it hauled into the junkyard and kept working on it with the passion of a muse-fed artist, mostly ignoring things like sleep and food and the observation that no one would be able to move it when it was done. Undaunted, she was experimenting with new ways to create colors on metal when one method backfired very badly, setting off a massive explosion that knocked her first flat on her back and then unconscious. She woke up a few hours later, head aching, and discovered two things: her girlfriend's crumpled body, and the absence of her own.

She's not entirely convinced that she isn't actually a ghost, although her ability to affect her surroundings even if she can't touch them directly makes her somewhat uncertain.

Wendy visits Chemy in the Transfiguration Shoppe.

Wendy and Fey discuss cracks in the wall, and Wendy meets Ben.

Wendy contracts Haunt to send some parts to Tammy, and sells a piece of her artwork.

Wendy meets Tammy, and gets recruited to build a fox.

Wendy meets Fortuna. Wackiness ensues.


While she can't always be seen, Wendy can generally be heard, as long as the person she's speaking to is willing to acknowledge a disembodied voice - which not everybody is.