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Lost my mind, not my way.


Wanderer, guide, scavenger, menial laborer


Hey You, Tramp, Buddy, Mister

Played By

Viggo Mortensen


No idea




Pocket knife, fists


Ward Below

Basic InformationEdit

That crazy homeless guy. Ward- it's what he's called- is a tramp who wanders the City. As one of countless homeless vagrants, Ward is invisible to most people's eyes. He blends into the landscape and beyond notice. Much like the broken detritus of the City, Ward himself seems to have existed within its walls since the beginning.

Ward doesn't bother people, and they don't bother him. He prefers to remain in the background, beneath the notice of just about everyone. Although homeless, he is not idle. Ward works for his meals, and does his best to keep himself clean and presentable despite his circumstances.


He forgets.

Relationships Edit

He's not the sort to remember birthdays and anniversaries.

History Edit

Ward tends to live in the present in every possible sense of the word. He remembers virtually nothing about his own past. Often, he cannot remember last week let alone last year. A few Important Things- such as survival skills like lighting fires and safe places to sleep- remain permanently stuck in his head, but everything else seems to be fair game. He only knows that he's lost something and until he finds it, he has to keep looking. He doesn't even know what it is he's lost, he's hoping he'll know it when he sees it.

Extras Edit

He doesn't say much, and for those who dare to look that close, his finger count tends to vary from week to week. He will totally work for a ham-and-cheese sandwich. The one thing he will not work for is money. If you try to give him money, you will have lost his respect.

Old Posts and ThreadsEdit

January 2012Edit

Feburary 2012Edit

March 2012Edit

April 2012Edit

  • Redrum, Redrum Ward finally meets up with a returned Brisance
  • Big Trouble in Little RPS Haunt's got a lot of enemies, it seems. Ward helps beat one of them into a pulp.
  • Boom, Baby Hero's gotten Haunt out of the burning building, and Ward carries him to safety. When Haunt alludes that there might have been other people in the RPS building, Ward goes out to find them and instead stumbles upon Chloe and Alyss, who he also takes back to the Clinic. Anna is furious that he "sneaked" out and generally overwhelmed. They argue, but it doesn't last long.
  • A Full House Beats Two Pairs The following morning everyone does a bit of a damage assesment. Ward does his best to make up for upsetting Anna by doing a lot of chores.
  • A Moment to Breathe Once everyone is settled, attempt a bit of relaxing on their own, but it doesn't got quite as smoothly as intended.
  • Ashes to Ashes The following evening, Ward heads out to retrieve the valuables in RPS's safe and meets up with some old friends. He also gets chased down the hall with a broom by Anna. Honestly, you'd think a grown man would be able to keep his clothes clean.
  • Home Sweet Home After seeing Haunt home, Ward has a quick discussion concerning possible leads for his list. Wait-- that's a different list. And he's going after what now? Oh dear. This won't end well.

May 2012Edit

  • Missing Persons Ward follows a lead concerning Anna's late husband.
  • Still Sniffing for Clues Trying to track down a Soulless, Ward discovers a Mimi instead. Also, he seems to have become a puppy. Whatever.