City Timeline
Year Event
0 People awaken in the City. They are all of various ages, of various appearances and connected in that they remember nothing aside from perhaps their names. They all crawl out of the same hole - Ground Zero
1 Warring tribes have formed of the people who inhabit the City. The war leaves many people dead and bodies line up just outside the walls.
5 Alpha's group takes possession of the only fortress in the City. Vainly, he calls the fortress "Fort Alpha".
10 Alpha's people make a vicious assault on the City, putting down all rivals in a swift and deadly end to the skirmishes. He will suffer no rival and the army of Soulless grows // A man emerges from Ground Zero, he remembers nothing and is taken in by a woman named Fortuna.
11 The man with no name quickly earns the title "Hero" by mounting daring rescues from fort Alpha. The response is brutal, but Hero continually evades capture. His own faction and Alpha's begin the clash again. Hero eventually realizes that the violence is doing nothing but killing the very people he wants to save. He backs it off, turning into a more subversive and slightly more roguish figure. // Alpha sets up the Districts and a Map of the City is drafted. Laws are drafted and enacted.
13 Merrick is taken in for questioning and returns with a new mutation
20 Strange people begin arriving from the Return Point