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Better get on my good side.





Played By

Lenny Kravitz (when not drawn)


Late 20's




Blowpipe & dagger


Basic Information Edit

Shaman knows that the spirits are trying to speak with him. But he cannot understand their language, even if they scream and shout at him, vying for his attention. Slowly, without words, they managed to teach him about his mutation and how to hunt. So that is what he does: He hunts. For answers, for memories, for understanding.

Constantly sick, frail-looking, and covered in cut- and incision scars from extracting blood. Tribal marks are inked under his skin, but Shaman doesn't know what they could symbolize.



Shaman can reproduce poisons and antidotes in his blood after ingesting anything that cointains amounts of the ingredients. However, in order to use this ability, he needs to bleed himself - larger amounts of blood for particularly lethal poisons and even more for life-saving antidotes (as they require careful dosage). The left half of his body bleeds antidotes, the right poisons.

While his mutation grants him certain immunity to toxins (but also antidotes), he still suffers from them by becoming ill; how much depending on the lethality. His entire immune system is weakened, as it constantly keeps the poison in his body at bay and this results in him becoming easily sick.

Connection to the Spirit WorldEdit

Forced into constant partial trance due to the toxins, Shaman can see and hear spirits. However, the connection isn't strong enough for clear communication, so even if the spirits desire his assistance as mediator, all Shaman will hear is white noise. Sometimes, single words come through, but they aren't enough and he cannot tell which spirit wants what. Vengeful spirits make him weak and sick, as they project their most painful moments onto him.

Spirits of living beings can't talk with him at all, but he could read their mood according to their colours; if he knew which mood associates with a certain colour. Shaman will also see if a spirit has been damaged, even if he's unable to do anything about it or fully comprehend what the reason is.


Between the distraction of spirits trying to gain his attention, his social ineptness, and general distrust of anyone's intentions, Shaman tends to avoid human contact as long as possible.

Though if approached correctly, he secretly enjoys it.


One day, Shaman awoke with no recollection of who and what he was, surrounded by spirits demanding his attention. They called him "Shaman", the only word he understood, and he assumed that was his name. Since then, only one follows him constantly; the others drift about the citty, calling to him when they desire his help - no matter if he can give it or not.


Due to the constant distraction courtesy of the spirits, Shaman will seem a bit distracted at times.

Sarcasm, irony, and certain social actions confuse him. On the other hand, he is easily convinced of supernatural activity.

In-game EventsEdit

1.Assessing Wyatt is on his way through the slums, when he nearly runs a roaming Shaman over.