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|- valign="top"
==Character Name Goes Here==
===Basic Information===

Basic info about the character and how they fit into the story.  Should be about one paragraph, MAYBE two.


A little extra background about the character; should not be too long since this is an NPC.

|Box title = λ Character Name ∀
|image = File:yourimage.jpg
|caption = Brief caption goes here
|Row 1 title = Occupation
|Row 1 info = job title goes here
|Row 2 title = Played By
|Row 2 info = PB's name
|Row 3 title = Age
|Row 3 info = age goes here
|Row 4 title = Gender
|Row 4 info = M/F/O
|Row 5 title = Weapons
|Row 5 info = weapon goes here}}