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A Knight's Code is important


Squire / Junk man



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Ben Barnes






A handgun and a "sword"


Junkman Squire


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Basic Information Edit

Merrick's mutation is, in his mind, a curse. When he touches someone he can read their mind. If he touches what other people have touched, he can sense what happened around that object. Regardless, if another mutant is the person touched? He will experience their price. He hates reading people's minds. Most people's thoughts were dark and dangerous, vile and perverse, or simply arrogant and greedy. As a result he's nearly always covered from head to toe and rarely touches others, even when fully clothed.



Relationships Edit

Merrick is extremely, totally, ultimately, and amazingly in love with his knight Marcelo. Marcelo, however, doesn't realize at all. He's trying to be chivalrous as he was taught, but sometimes he just runs into a wall instead.


When he was 12, Merrick was found in the junkyard half starved by the knight Marcelo. Ever since he has served as Marcelo's faithful squire.


Merrick now has a rather vicious looking tattoo of a griffon draped over his shoulder. It's name is Griff. Sometimes Griff comes out to play.

You probably don't want to make Griff mad with you.

famous last logsEdit

Merrick is a Reader. Touch is his catalyst for contact.

on a recent visit to the keep Merrick touched Zev's chest. The tattoo of a griffon that was once Zev's left its host and crawled up Merrick's arm to take residence on his shoulder. Due to the mix of Zev's prices and Merrick's innate ability, the tattoo is now a permanent fixture. When Merrick is stressed or harmed, or extremely tired, "Griff" manifests himself.

Unlike with Zev, Griff takes over entirely and it's seamless. However, the two of them do not share a conscious. Mer had no knowledge of what Griff is doing. Griff, while perceptive, does not know what Mer does either.

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Elie is one of his very best friends. He thinks she's sturdy and forthright, strong and brave. In Merrick's estimation she'd be a fine knight if she chose to be one. He looks up to her quite a bit.

The girl Alyss is also someone he considers to be a friend. He's very fond of her and looks forward to having cobbler with her more often.

Hero and Fortuna make him nervous. Merrick doesn't quite know why.