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"All I want is Love."


Novelist, writer, journalist.


Mr. Emperia will work.

Played By

Richard Gene






To Quote Hamlet"Words, words, WORDS"


Write Me Wicked

Basic Information Edit

Issac Emperia is one of the few writers in the City. He's also highly intelligent and knows what sells. That being said, he's rich. That aside, he's a shallow, self-centered little twit. He doesn't much care for people who aren't making him money or making him famous. He loves to self-indulge. If he's not spending his money on himself, he's not spending it at all.

If he needs ideas for stories, he'll go out and bother anyone,whether they like it or not. And he won't stop bothering people. Hero seems to be his favorite to pester. Marcelo comes in close second.

He will sacrifice anything to keep his status and to keep writing. Anything. Love, money, people...

His hobbies include watching people, reading, and banking.


Noting. Issac is a class A nothing-is-wrong-with-me-writer.

Relationships Edit

He loves himself.


Issac showed up in the middle of Hero's rebellion. He made his money the old fashioned way: he sat down and made up stories about the people around him and wrote them down. Then he sold the stories at ridiculously high prices and forgot to ask permission to use the names, locations, and personalities of the characters he so obviously ripped off of real life.

Not that he really cares.

He will brag and say he's one of the richest people in the City. He doesn't know if that's true but once again, he doesn't care.

He made his fortune and is now sitting comfortably in the richest section of the City. He mostly does what he wants, staying just inside the law as to not be in trouble. But he will bend the rules for a story.


The mun apologies in advance.

Game HistoryEdit

February/March 2012Edit