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Dame Fortune, Lady Luck

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Christina Ricci






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Basic Information Edit

Fortuna never walks the same path twice--no, no it is not because she gets that lost, what are you on about?

She's a petite force of nature--woman--of a pleasant--tempermental disposition. If one stares too closely, it's possible to see a shift in hair, eyes, clothes or other features in addition to what appearing to be a roulette tray personality. A discerning person, over time, might see certain repeats, a kind of pattern to her, but relying on this information is still playing the odds...

Fortuna's most noticeable unchanging trait is a spoked, geared wheel she carries around wherever she goes. Most of the time it's a manageable size, but can revolve and expand into a larger shield. Some consider it a power source of some kind, but Fortuna simply laughs. If it truly is that magnificient, it certainly hasn't done more than muddle her.

She can sometimes be found at the town's casino she claims to own, observing the twirling fortunes of others with a distant fascination, and sometimes, helping people find the chance of a lifetime--if you have something to bet. Most of the time she is with Hero, either playing at helping him with the resistance or somehow magically attracting the world's worst luck to the two of them.


Fortuna had been trapped in the labs before the explosion, a subject of a biotech weapons study a handful know the pieces to. She has no mutations to date, and no powers within herself, but without her beloved wheel, her appearance becomes static and her health weakens significantly.The wheel itself is The Wheel of Fortunes, capable of manipulating probability fields--but Fortuna is ineffective at consciously wielding it. No one can say if she ever was or should be.


Hero is her "hero", her knight in shining armor, the man she likes to torture most.


All that is known about Fortuna is she was freed from the labs 10 years ago--by Hero, if you ask her, though the truth is she found him. She seemed relatively familiar with the town, but to this day will randomly say it's "grown up a lot." Though no one tends to take her words seriously because her memory doesn't seem the most trustworthy. Sometimes she seems to have none at all.

Time with Hero seems to have helped stabilize her somewhat. She treats him like a judicious knight, and tends to stay with the resistance, only because they stopped treating her like a mysterious weapon and more like a person.

Lately, she's been spending time at the library, swearing up and down there's this book she's looking for...


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