Feymous Brendel
Was that literally, or figuratively?


Professor, Doctor, Researcher of mutations


Fey, Professor, Feymous

Played By

Gary Oldman






A first aid kit



Basic Information Edit

Feymous Brendel lives in a secluded portion of the University where he observes the world around him as it shapes and conducts research on the mutations he sees people undergo.

Fey is very shy but when someone gets him talking, he tends to ramble. He has a calm but compassionate personality. Fey has a necklace with a pendant of a star on it that he randomly grabs and fiddles with if he is nervous. His dreams now are to try and create a drug that can stop the negative effects of the mutations but he has yet to begin anything more than research. He is fascinated by the paranormal and the dead, so he often waits until odd hours of night to sleep, hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost. His obsessions often take over his mind, slowly causing him to forget his needs as a human being.


His mutation is agelessness. He is not immortal, simply, he just stops aging after a certain point in his life. In Feymous's case, he appears 35 years of age. However, his mutation acts outside his realm of awareness, so he doesn't even know he has it.

Memories...sweet, sweet memories His mutation is complicated. It is only activated in the situation in which he experiences extreme emotional distress, such as grief, or in times of extreme trauma, such as the explosion. When his mutation is activated, all memories of himself, his past, and of the people he holds dear, are erased, creating a man with absolutely no idea who he is. This is why he does not know he has a mutation, because the memory of it ever being activated is always erased with the rest of his memories.

However, this doesn't mean at all that the memories of himself in others lives are erased.

Because he is unaware of his mutation's existence, he is unregistered

Relationships Edit

None that he remembers.


Like the others, Feymous as no memories of his past, but he knows he's looking for something. However, he has no idea what this thing is; person (s), place, or thing, he has no idea. He secretly believes the dead are the key to finding this lost object of his past.


Fey exhibits ideas of a pacifistic nature, but he is not a pacifist by definition. He fights, but he must have sound justification before he will kill another.