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Pauline Nordin
'It doesn't matter if you want it. It only matters if it wants you.'




Eleanor, Elie

Played By

Pauline Nordin






sledgehamer, blowtorch



Basic Information Edit

Lately, Elie's kept to the forge quite a bit. Muscle memory counts for a lot when you're working with metal, much more than it does with people, so she feels less lost there. Plenty of people come around, though, interested in the things she makes. She bargains with them, making sure everything goes with an owner it'll get along with.

She's easy to get along with and does her best to stay honorable and honest, though she doesn't feel like it's her place to take sides in the politics of the city. Her duty is to the things she makes, and some of them are good and some of them bad.

She's just recently started to feel comfortable again and is slowly losing the paranoia that comes of not knowing whether you should know things. She's still pretty jumpy when she's brought home new scrap and is getting to know it, though.


Elie's metallopathic - when she touches metal, she forms a bond with it that allows her to see what it wants to be shaped like and used for. Once the bond exists, she "hears" the metal until she gives it what it wants. Too bad so much of the scrap around the City seems to want to be weapons...

She's pretty sure she's died more than just the one time, but the most recent death is the only one she's certain about.

Relationships Edit

Nothing shippy in mind going in but she might be open to one. Beyond that, she's fond of Ward. He often stays with her for a few days at a time, sleeping in the workshop and doing errands in exchange for food. She feels safe with Merrick and prefers to let him accompany her into the junkyard now.


It's been six months since Elie arrived in the City, and it's been fifteen years...

That is, six months ago Merrick found her wandering, cold and confused, through the junkyard. No one had seen her for months at that point. When he asked her where she'd been, she didn't recognize him.

Merrick brought her back to the City and took her to her home. Everything was covered in dust, the food was spoiled, and the fire in her forge had long been out. He gave her the broad outlines of her old life, but the details were a mystery to her.

From speaking with people who knew her, she knows she's been in the city fifteen years now. She knows she inherited the workshop and the apartment above from the man who took her in when she arrived as a teenager. She's re-acquainted herself with some people, and has vague impressions about quite a few more.


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