Dr. Arkalian


Medical Doctor


Doc if you're lazy? (Do not call him Ark.)

Played By

Shane Brolly


Late 40s




He's a doctor. He may throw a scalpel at you?



Basic Information Edit

Dr. Arkalian is the man you may want to go to if you have a sprained ankle. You know, so long as you don't smell too bad, so long as you aren't too filthy, and so long as Hero is not with you. The latter is actually the first prerequisite, but Arkalian is the sort who will actually help where he can regardless. He'll just complain endlessly about the smell if you come in without showering for a couple days. Or even just one.

It should also be mentioned that Arkalian is a "neutral." He is not up and up with Alpha, nor is he up and up with Hero's resistance--but neither is he entirely against either of them. He's a doctor. If you need help, he'll provide it. No matter who you're fighting for.

Just keep Hero the hell out of his office.


For all intents and purposes, Arkalian does not have a mutation. The complexities behind this will be detailed at a later date.

Relationships Edit

Hero: Hate. He does not know why, but he cannot stand this man. (He will, however, start to wonder what's happened to him if he doesn't see him for a while.)

Anna: Approved. Anna is a friend, Arkalian has spent the night with her more than once, and he would do it again. He's also stayed at her clinic for a little while, a number of years ago. She's one of the few people that he's willing to actually seek out.

Devlin: What is wrong with you.

Brisance: He'd like to throw all the signs at her.

Alyss: Pretty little unfortunate thing. Feels sorry for her.


Complicated, confusing, and very short. Arkalian has absolutely no memory of anything prior to setting up his offices a few years ago. He does not remember his medical training, but knows that he had it, and can still use it with flawless proficiency. He does not remember his given name, so don't ask. He does not remember why he set up his offices, or how he attained the funds to do so. Or picking the building. Or much of anything.

Arkalian's entire life, as far as he recalls, is working in his little building, spending far too little time out in public, and living in a room in the back. There's something a while back about staying with Anna, but even it's blurry these days. He knows there should be more, and gets the impression that it's there, but it's beyond his reach, and simply not worth the trouble.

Thread TimelineEdit

  • January 5 • "The Doctor Is In" (Threads with Anna, Alyss, Hero, Brisance and Fortuna.)


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