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Basic Information Edit

He is a doctor, and he will fix you up, he will not ask who you are or why you’re injured, but he will ask for payment (or maybe make some other kind of deal if you don’t have any, he’s pretty flexible.) He does need to make a living, after all (but the truth is if there's really nothing you can do, he won't turn you away, either). He’s good-natured, but not soft, and if he feels some strong need to lecture you about something, he will. But only if he feels a need. He responds to Doc, and that may well be the only name you know him by. His real name is Malcolm Proctor, and he’s not too shy about telling it to people, but please, call him Doc. Just Doc. Doctor Protor sounds unbearably stupid.


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Relationships Edit

Loves me, loves me not?


When he lost his memory 20 years ago, he could recall only two things. One, that he knew how to heal people, and two, that he wanted to, regardless of who they were, who they worked for, or how much money they had. That's what he's been doing ever since. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knows there's a reason behind that desire, but he's never been able to place it, and by now he's more or less given up trying.

He has an office of his own for people to visit if they need his assistance, but in recent years, he can also sometimes be found at the Clinic working with Anna Shepard. Her clinic benefitted from his surgical expertise, and her facilities provided his patients an adequate place to rest and recover after a surgery, so it seemed like a mututally beneficial arrangement. The only way he would be able to obtain better facilities would be to directly affiliate with Alpha, something he patently refuses to do.


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