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"I can be anything you want, tonight."


Fallen Woman


Rose, Beautiful, Sweetheart

Played By

Masha Tyelna






Nothing admissible in court.



Basic Information Edit

"There's this girl, down at the Raven's Nest?"

"Oh, yeah, I saw her. Blonde, tall, willowy?"

"Nah, brunette. Tiny."

"You guys are both nuts. The redhead, now she's the way to go."

Both men gave the newcomer an irritated glare. "Anyway," the first one started again, "she's amazing."

"Now that, we can agree on."

Everyone can agree that Chloe works at the Raven's Nest, and that she's amazing. Other details - even ones that should be obvious, like hair color and height - are less clear.


With a touch, Chloe can implant fantasies as memories, full sensory experiences that cater to her recipient's every desire. The only drawback is, every experience she gives someone else causes her to temporarily lose the capacity to feel the involved emotions.

Relationships Edit

Chloe doesn't really care for people like that.

At least, she didn't. Then she met Haunt, and started having FEELINGS, and she's coming to the rather startling realization that while she's totally numb to sexual attraction, snuggling is really nice.


She doesn't think she's older than nineteen, although she's not quite sure why she thinks that. In any event, she's been working at the Raven's Nest since not long after she turned up a little over a year ago, with no real skills and only a sporadic education. Since then, she's spent every unoccupied moment reading every book she can get her hands on. The original idea was to learn how to do something else, but she's become enamored of the learning itself, and she doesn't really mind the work. Clients bring her presents, and the clever ones make sure that what they bring are books.

Chloe meets Haunt, and a relationship is begun. Thread 1, 2, 3, 4.

Chloe visits Anna in hopes of help finding a new job.

She tells Madame Nacht about her desire to retire, and is underwhelmed by the reaction.

Ben offers her a job.

Ward, who thinks Chloe is about twelve, drags her forcibly to Anna's. They attempt to explain her real age, but it doesn't work very well. Anna offers Chloe one of her spare rooms.

Chloe meets Farmer Braeburn

The next day, she and Haunt discuss her new job, their budding relationship, and everything else that crosses their minds. (No Inner Monologue Virus)

Her first day at work with Ben has mixed results.


If you catch sight of Chloe from across the room, and her back is turned, she looks like a pale, scrawny girl. A three-quarter profile will show you features that are too irregular to be pretty, but enough to be interesting. Her eyes are a little too big for her face, and she looks like she hasn't had a regular meal in a while. Once she looks you in the eye - and even more when she touches you, lightly, along the wrist - all of that is forgotten, and she's somehow the most beautiful girl you've ever seen.