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'Oh, yes, I'm sure we can arrange that.'


Apprentice/lab tech



Played By

Justin Pierre









Basic Information Edit

Chemy is not at all what most people expect when they picture a man of science: he's laid back, with a well-developed sense of humor and the unfortunate habit of flirting with anyone who comes within earshot. (Except Gwendolyn. He does have a healthy sense of self-preservation.)

He harbors both an interest in helping those with painful or crippling mutations and a healthy desire to inflict new mutations on others to see what happens. He considers himself a "nice" person, but that does sometimes give way to what seems to be a sociopathic streak. Chemy just considers it getting carried away with his work and puts it out of his mind because it doesn't fit with his self-concept.

He dreams of white rooms and beeping machines.


Chemy has thus far managed to avoid the temptation of his workplace and whatever else happens to cause mutations. At least, nothing's shown up yet, you never really know... He doesn't remember dying, but I suppose the timing of his waking up is suspicious.

Relationships Edit

He has a healthy working relationship with Gwen. Most of the regulars at the shoppe know him and many appreciate his relaxed manner.


Chemy's first memories are about five years old. He was found outside the City a few weeks after the labs exploded and the Transfigurations Shoppe opened. After several months of bumming around the city, working odd jobs and trying to get his metaphorical memory ducks in a row, someone turned him on to the existence of the Transfigurations Shoppe.

He was almost thrown out when Gwendolyn realized he wasn't intending to be a paid customer, but he was persistent, camping out on her doorstep for two weeks and making small talk with the inbound customers. Seeing how he put them at ease, she finally relented and let him in.

He turned out to be a fast learner and and has done his best not to give Gwen any reason to put him out. He sometimes runs the day to day business of the shoppe while his boss is busy with larger concerns.


Pending approval by Gwen's mun.