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Mostly just does odd jobs



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Airi Suzuki









Basic Information Edit

A very quiet and introverted girl, Aoi keeps to herself since she distrusts people and because of her mutation. She doesn't show much in the way of emotions for the most part, though one thing a person might want to avoid is touching her by accident. In general, she prefers to run away from people than deal with them in any way unless she has to. If you'd had to describe her in one word, it would be skittish.

She also tries to hide her mutation from others for reasons that she vaguely remembers from her childhood. However, most of her memories are vague and indistinct and she only really remembers the last three or so years of her life in detail. All she knows is that it's the best not to get the attention of others



Whenever Aoi looks into a person's eyes, she has the uncanny ability to read whatever thoughts people are keeping hidden and will always speak them out loud unbidden. Also, the person, during the display of her ability, cannot look away either. However, she cannot remember what she says as she essentially goes into a trance whenever this happens, but others can overhear her.

As a result of this, Aoi now unconsciously avoids looking into the eyes of people and stays away from them for the most part. There are those whom she cannot read the thoughts of, but no one is exactly sure why these people are the exceptions to to the rule.

However, the price she pays, other than the fact that she deliberately isolates herself and refuses to make eye contact with people, is that she loses time whenever she goes into her trances and she often gets extremely painful migraines soon after using her powers. Her migraines end up making it so she is unable to work and function properly and she often ends up trying to hide some place dark where no one can find her.

It is during her migraines that she is the most vulnerable and unable to defend herself. She thinks it's because of her migraines that her memory is so poor along with the fact that she will often lose time.

Relationships Edit

At this point in time, she has no one that she would even remotely consider a friend or a significant other.


In the three years that Aoi can remember clearly, she can only remember living on the streets and being homeless. In the past though, she thinks that she probably was used for her abilities by someone, but she's doesn't know who or any of the details. How she left is also unclear as well to her.


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