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Alpha is the only thing he goes by

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Jarod Leto






He runs this. Everything's his weapon. Including the Soulless




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Basic Information Edit

Alpha is the man that runs the City with an iron fist. He is strict, obsessive, vain, and a complete germaphobe due to the pecularities in his DNA. However he has kept order and peace despite his obvious need to be in control of it. Without him the City would be in ruin. People fear him, but he is the devil they know, as long as his rules are obeyed it is certain that everyone will be safe.


He is always trying to find ways to improve upon himself, but visually and internally. So don't be surprised as his list of Mutations grows.

Relationships Edit

Alpha does not have emotional attachments to anything but his City. When and if he does develop attachments, they are often incredibly bad for the object of his obsession.


No one really remembers who Alpha was before he was Alpha except himself. 10 years after the major explosion in 0, he swiftly took power and brutally brought order by sending the Soulless into the streets to take out the crazed mutant infestation. By implicating very strict curfew laws and taking no exceptions for law breaking, the possible end of the City was avoided. Alpha claims that his predecessor died by the hands of the uprising, but that cannot honestly be certain, and the more you know him the less likely that is the case. He is ruthless in his rule, but under him the city is mostly safe.

His first order of business was to take all of the precautions to deal with mutations as they arose. Alpha created the registrar where people logged their mutations, changes, problems, and benefits. Alpha takes this knowledge and keeps it for use later as he sees fit.

Secondly instead of a prison, there are the labs. If you refuse to register or commit a crime, expect experimentation. The City is only around because the needs of the many outweigh the few.

Alpha makes rare public appearances these days due to his fear of "contamination", but he's well known to send out regular bulletins and keeps his people informed.


Alpha is quite literally a blue blood--which is why his hair is that brilliant shade of aqua. This is actually something that he is quite proud of, and tends to wear things that accentuate his blue undertones.

Logs from the pastEdit

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